Embedded Internet of Things (IoT) Enviromental Monitoring System Using Raspberry PI

Dauda Muhammad, Abdulrazaq Abubakar Isah, Ibrahim Hassan, Auwalu Sale, Muazzam Ibrahim and Ahmad Hussaini

Keywords:Embedded, Internet of Things (IoT), Environmental Monitoring, Raspberry Pi


Measuring and monitoring the temperature and humidity levels in a computer laboratory is crucial for
ensuring the safety of the facility and the comfort of those using it. The latest technology for collecting this data is the
Internet of Things (IoT), which uses sensors to monitor these parameters remotely. Aim: This paper presents an IoT
system that assesses the temperature and humidity levels in a computer laboratory using a Raspberry Pi single-board
computer and a DHT11 sensor Method: The major contribution of this research is it utilizes the ThingSpeak Cloud
database which provide the result faster within the shortest interval time which improve the temperature and humidity
values more than the traditional Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT). The DHT11 sensor captures the
temperature and humidity data, which is then uploaded to the servers in real-time. This allows laboratory managers and
decision-makers to monitor the laboratory’s condition through a web portal or a mobile application installed on their
Android or iOS devices from anywhere. Results: The results show that the ThingSpeak Cloud database provides the result
of the temperature as to 31.5°C and the relative humidity 74.8%.

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