Mutual Coupling Reduction For Triple Band MIMO Antenna Using Stub Loading Technique


  • Adamu Halilu Jabire Department of Electrical/Electronics, Taraba State University Jalingo
  • Aminu Gambo Abdullahi 2. National Commission for Museums and Monument, Kano, Nigeria
  • Sani Saminu 3. Dept. of Biomedical Engineering ,University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria,
  • Adamu Mohammed Jajere School of Microelectronics, Tianjin University, Tianjin, P.R. China
  • Abubakar Muhammad Sadiq School of Microelectronics, Tianjin University, Tianjin, P.R. China



Multiple Input Multiple Output Antenna, Mutual Coupling, Decoupling Structure, Stub. Isolation


In this study, a mutual coupling reduction using stub and partial ground structure is presented. A decoupling network is proposed which consists of one long stub extended between the four defected ground structures for electromagnetic interaction abatement. The array design offers a reduction in mutual coupling level by less than 15dB at 3GHz, less than 30dB at 5.5GHz, and also less than 15dB at 7.1GHz. The proposed 4x4 MIMO microwave circuit (antenna) attained an envelope correlation coefficient of lower than 0.1, a diversity gain of almost 10dB, a total active reflection coefficient of lower than 0dB, and channel capacity loss of less than 0.35bits/sec/Hz respectively. The four elements with four ports have been integrated on a 60x60mm2 substrate with the FR4 dielectric layer. The microwave circuit was simulated using CST studio 2017 resulting in an operating frequency of 3GHz, 5.5GHz, and 7.1GHz at -10dB.


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