Analysis of Multi-Robot Cooperative Hunting Using Differential Game Technique

Bashir Abdullahi Baba, Salisu Garba and Nasir Faruk

Keywords:Differential Game, Robot, Hunting Game, Pursuer, Evader


This research presents two robots cooperative hunting behavior by the use of a differential game method. There are
two pursuer robots that are trying to find and then surround another robot prey evader. The purpose of the game is
for the two pursuer robots to find the evader simultaneously or when one of the robots finds the evader first it will
wait for the other robot to cooperate with it within a specified period of time. We use differential game theory to
formulate the problem with a system of an ordinary differential equation. The conditions for the termination of the
game were given to be when one of the pursuers catch the evader and the other cooperate with it or when the two
pursuers catch it simultaneously. We carefully analyzed all the mathematical equations developed using the ordinary
differential equations for the game and present the sufficient conditions that can warrant the two pursuers to catch
the evader either simultaneously or one first and then the other cooperates with the first one which will result in
termination of the game. We also show mathematically that in the course of the game the robot prey evader tries to
prolong the capture time, while the pursuer robots try to shorten the capture time.