Designing a conceptual Security Framework for Secure Online
Ordering System (SOOS)

Owamoyo Najeem

Keywords: E-commerce, Encryption, Cryptography, SET, SOOS


The enhancement of internet technology has improved the security of online ordering system through the implementation of secure protocol in e-commerce application. ICT acquisition programmes enhance countries’ ability to strengthen and involved in decision making which affect their live directly or indirectly and their entire wellbeing of her citizen. This paper therefore looks into the necessary steps to implement security framework for online ordering system (SOOS) in e-commerce application and also this paper investigates security threats and other problems that e-commerce customers and merchant’s faces. Secure Online Ordering System (SOOS) was designed to show some area of security measure used to minimize the security threats encountered by both customers and merchants. The Secured Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol and cryptography are used in this research to prove clients detail to a server through an open connection.    Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Message Digest (MD5) hash function are used for Password Based Encryption (PBE) for detecting data corruption and tampering and integrity of data message exchange between client and SET Protocol which are in turned encrypt the information through the interconnected channel in between client and server, to assure Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication Content Assurance, Non-Repudiation and other security services. It is therefore recommended among others, that necessary attention should be accorded for designing good and secured shopping cart which must be connected with secure user-friendly shopping cart application.