Simulation Analysis of Optical Properties of Indium Tin Oxide

Turado Surajo Abubakar, Inuwa Aliyu Faragai, Y. A. Sumaila, Sani Garba Durumin Iya and Abdullahi Iliyasu Khamis

Keywords: Transparent Conducting Oxide; Indium Tin Oxide; Reflectance; Matlab; Thickness


TCO (transparent conduction oxides) have been suitable materials for optoelectronics applications, Indium Tin Oxide is an n-type transparent conducting oxide semi-conductor, which possess a combine property of transparency to visible light and electrical conductivity, its features have been studied in this paper using MATLAB computer programming. The features which consist optical and electrical properties were simulated using MATLAB programming, the drive ITO models were used within the range and limit of other researchers, whose have done the researches experimentally. The models were used to simulate optical transmittance, optical absorptions, and reflectance of ITO, which all depends on films thicknesses.