Ranking method for Z-numbers based on centroid-point

Mujahid Abdullahi, Tahir Ahmad, Abdulhakeem Olayiwola, Salisu Garba, Auwal Mustapha Imam, and Babangida Isyaku

Keywords: Z-number, Fuzzy number, Ranking, Decision making


Zadeh introduced the concept of Z-number to establish a method for computation with numbers that are not completely reliable, and it can portray the fuzziness and reliability of the information at the same time. Ranking of Z-numbers is an important aspect, especially in decision making. In this paper, a new ranking method for Z-numbers will be proposed. By converting Z-number into a fuzzy number, and then the centroid[1]point method and decision rules are utilized to rank the obtained fuzzy numbers. A numerical example is provided to demonstrate the validity of the proposed method. However, converting Z-number into a fuzzy number can lead to loss of original Z-information.