Performance Comparison of PyRAT and Phantom Antivirus Software Evasion Tools

Aminu Shawwal Adam, Zahraddeen Sufyanu

Keywords: Antivirus, Evasion tool, Malware, Payload, Hacker.


Nowadays, Malware becomes a new way of cybercrime, and hackers are finding various ways to generate it in all available platforms. Information security breach is one of the challenging issues affecting most of the organizations. This paper employed window platform to implement tools (pyRAT and Phantom) that automate the generation of Metasploit payload executable. The exploitation process generates a meterpreter session between malicious user and the target system. An experimental research design was adopted, using Virtual lab setup with VM Oracle virtualbox, which consisted of two machines (attacking and target machine), so as to test the Evasion tools against AV software products. The development of pyRAT and Phantom is strictly for educational purposes; therefore, any other malicious action using these tools is not recommendable. The study proved pyRAT with the best evading capability having bypassed most of the chosen antivirus by 67% while Phantom evasion tool acquired 50% evading stand.