Quality of Service Guarantees in Vehicular Networks Using Cluster

Abubakar Aminu Mu’azu, Ibrahim A. Lawal

Keywords: Quality of Service (QoS), guarantees, routing, vehicular networks, cluster, TDMA


Background: Quality of Service (QoS) provision for vehicular networks (VANET) is an important issue to consider for packet transmission. Efficient routing algorithms are essential to guarantee reliable communication in Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs). In an effort to provide QoS in VANET, the IEEE 802.11p physical layer (regarded as VANET MAC protocol) experiences a large amount of packet loss rate as a result of packet collisions. However, the fundamental channel access mechanism of WAVE, Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA), is not able to provide guaranteed QoS due to the unpredictable random access. Somehow its performance can be improved by using Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) techniques. Aims: This paper proposes a new approach for multi-constrained QoS routing in vehicular network by adopting TDMA clustering approach. Method: In this approach design, some QoS parameters such as delay, packet loss, packet delivery ratio among others are used in addition to the stability metric for finding and establishing a stable route to destination. Results: The paper also contributes by the highlighting the state of the art of finding and providing QoS guarantees for real-time applications.