Web-Based RFID Patient Identification System: A Case Study of UNILORIN Clinic

T.C.Adeniran,R.O.Odebiyi,L.A.Olawoyin,Nasir Faruk,Q.R.Adebowale, Salisu Garba

Keywords: RFID, Web-Based Application, Clinic, Patients, Registration


A smooth workflow in a clinic is very essential to ease the workload of the staff. However, the current workflow of identifying patients in clinics has proven to be tedious and thus brought about this solution that streamlines the patient identification processes. Different identification mechanisms have come into existence over the years, including barcode technology. This paper presents a design and implementation of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to address the issues of the conventional way of identifying patients in a healthcare organization. This involves the use of a web-based application (WBA) that serves as a working interface between the healthcare staff and the system. The WBA is written in JavaScript and hosted on Firebase, which registers and holds the details of all registered patients. The developed system identifies a valid patient using the assigned RFID tags and displays the basic information of the patient upon requested use of the healthcare service. .