Vol 4 . Paper 11

Assessment of Hotel Guest Satisfaction Using Sentiment Analysis: A Case Study of Maldives Hotels

Hauwa’u Uraifa Shehu , A.F. Donfack Kana  , and Fatima Sulaiman Hauwa’u Uraifa Shehu , A.F. Donfack Kana  , and Fatima Sulaiman

Keywords: Text mining, Sentiment analysis, Guest Satisfaction


Nowadays online reviews by hotel customers greatly influence business as potential new consumers seek unbiased information while making their hotel booking decisions. Hotel management and marketers are more aware of the impact of online reviews on financial performance. This awareness arises from the universal consensus that internet consumer reviews have a significant impact on hotel business performance. Customers use social media to share information about products and services, and online reviews have a substantial influence on customer purchasing decisions. The goal of this study is to provide formative assessment feedback on Maldives hotels using word cloud technique. This include investigating the hotel that is mostly used by guests, finding out the percentage of positive and negative comments made about the hotel, and also assessing the type of comments the majority of customers give about the services rendered to them. Data from 104 distinct Maldives hotels were utilized in this case study to provide quick visual insight using a word cloud approach with R programming language. The result shows that, more than 80% of the comments are positive, implying that the vast majority of these hotels’ customers are pleased with their accommodations and services.