Intelligent Process of Spectrum Handoff in Cognitive Radio Networks

Emmanuel Alozie, Nasir Faruk, Abdulkarim. A. Oloyede, Olugbenga. A. Sowande, Agbotiname Lucky Imoize, Abubakar Abdulkarim and Salisu Garba

Keywords: Cognitive Radio Network, Spectrum Handoff, Fuzzy Logic, Handoff Delay


Spectrum handoff is a crucial function of Cognitive Radio (CR) which is the change of operating frequency. The main problem in spectrum handoff is the time taken in the searching, selection, and switching to a new available channel which can cause a significant amount of delay during spectrum handoff. This research aims to minimize the delay that occurs during spectrum handoff. A Proactive Fuzzy-Based Backup Channel Selection Scheme (PFBBCSS) was proposed where the Secondary User (SU) gathers backup channels in advance before the return of the Primary User (PU), then fuzzy logic would be used for the selection of the best channel out of the available backup channels. The proposed scheme was simulated and evaluated using the MATLAB Simulation tool and the result was compared with a Pure Proactive Spectrum Handoff Scheme. Results showed, in terms of throughput and efficient time utilization under a varying number of licensed channels, that the proposed scheme performed better, making it a good mechanism to be used for handoff decisions by the Secondary User (SU)