Vol 5 . Paper 5

Harnessing Cloud Computing in Nigerian Educational Sector

Salim Ahmad

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cloud Adoption, Cloud Architecture, Security, TOE Framework, Nigerian Educational Sector


Due to the rapid development of data generation today, lots of data are generated on every day basics at various level in educational sector. Information storage for individual and organizations including educational sector is taking another dimension. Harnessing cloud computing in educational sector will definitely lead to the adoption of Cloud Computing in the sector. Cloud Computing is everything that could answer the challenges of ICT in educational sector and the ability to make ICT resources cheaper that’s what gives great flexibility for expansion, but suffered a lot of setbacks considering the security and privacy issues related to the technology. This paper considered the benefit of harnessing cloud computing in Educational Sector as objectives and recommended for adopting the new technology by educational sector in Nigeria.  Descriptive Research Methods were used in the research.