Geophysical Investigation of Groundwater Potential and Aquifer Protective Capacity in Some Part Of Kafin Hausa Local Government, Jigawa State Using Electrical Resistivity Method

A. Magama, M. N. Zakar, K. Y. Baban and Y. Magaji

Keywords: Ground Water potential, aquifer protective capacity, electrical resistivity, Kafin Hausa.


Geophysical survey using vertical electrical sounding (VES) was carried out in some part of kafin Hausa local government (Unguwan Kiginawa, opposite dan bartso dump site, Unguwan Kiginawa, Gambawa, Gambawa besides Dan-Modi rice mill, and Kiginawa Quarters). In order to investigate the aquiferous zones and groundwater potential in the area. The schlumberger electrode arrangement was used with a total of five VES point. Interpretation shows that VES 1, 3, 4 and 5 were all of poor protective capacity with a longitudinal value less than 0.1 whereas VES 2 is characterized as the area of moderate protective capacity. Also, in terms of groundwater potential, VES 2,3 and 4 were of high groundwater potential with a depth value of greater than 25m and VES 1 as a medium groundwater potential with a depth range of (10-25) m, whereas VES 5 With a depth of less than 10m is of low groundwater potential. It is recommended that Reliable borehole for good portable water should be sited in VES 2. Also recommended that most of VES site were not of good protective capacity and thus, a measure should be taken.