J-Care: A Cloud-Based Health Information System and Clinical Data
Repository for Sustainable Healthcare Delivery in Jigawa State

Salisu Garba, Nasir Faruk , Bashir Abdullahi Baba , Emmanuel Alozie , Hawau Olagunju , Ruqayyah Yusuf Aliyu , Agbotiname Lucky Imoize , Kayode S. Adewole , Abubakar Abdulkarim, Yusuf Olayinka Imam Fulani, Mustapha Hussaini , Abdulkarim A. Oloyede, Aminu Abdullahi , Dahiru Jafaru Usman

Keywords: Clinical Data Repository; CDR; Health Information System; HIS; Cloud-based systems; Telemedicine; Jigawa State

Abstract¬†This paper proposed J-Care, a cloud-based health information system and clinical data repository for sustainable healthcare delivery in Jigawa State. The main contribution of this work is the provision of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for documenting patients’ interactions and effective management and exchange of clinical information, care coordination, decision support, data consolidation, and healthcare access to rural and hard-to[1]reach communities in Jigawa State. This is achieved by employing a microservices architectural style to create multiple independent healthcare services to enable faster development cycles, easier deployment, and the ability to scale specific services independently based on demand. To evaluate the proposed J-Care, a comparative evaluation method was used to assess the proposed system with equivalent systems based on criteria such as delivery platform (cloud or on-premise), client app (iOS app, android app, desktop web app), software features (clinical workflow, document management, lab integration). It is found that the proposed system is better in terms of clinical workflow, appointment management, referrals, reporting, and analytics. Moreover, J-Care has the potential to improve access to accurate health data records, reduce mortality rates, improve disease surveillance, and the overall well-being of Jigawa State citizens